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Best Time to Visit Thekkady


The best tour packages to Kerala are incomplete without a visit to Thekkady. Although the place is worth a visit anytime of the year, there are a few months considered peak season and are ideally worth a visit, while some months are considered slack season thanks to the weather.

October to February is the winter season and considered the best time to visit. Temperature averages at around 15-20 degree Celsius and an ideal time if you have booked a Kerala honeymoon tour package. This is also the height of the Sabarimala season where thousands of pilgrims visit the Ayyappa temple at Sabarimala through Kumily.

Summer season starts from March to May. Thekkady remains pleasant in the summers with average temperatures at around 26 degree Celsius. Although days may seem too warm, evenings are definitely pleasant. Summers is also the best season for animal watching as herds of wild animals including elephants, lions and leopards come to the Periyar Lake to drink water. This season is also an ideal time to witness a few local festivals like the Mangaladevi festival that takes place on Chitra Pournami day or the full moon day in the Chitra month of the Dravidian calendar.

Monsoons aren’t always pleasant in Thekkady. It experiences heavy rainfall and the place can get sludgy before you know. It is also the season for leeches and other insects that make hiking an impossible activity. But if you are a nature enthusiast and looking for discounted accommodation; consider visiting the place between June and September.