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Best Time to Visit Kochi

There are so many places to visit in Kerala, but a trip to God’s own country is never complete without a visit to Kochi. This is probably the most cosmopolitan of all cities in the Kerala thanks to the huge influence of colonial rulers like the Dutch, the English, and the Portuguese.

Although Cochin is a great place to visit any time of the year, October to February are the best months. The heat is comparatively mild and the weather is pleasant. Cochin has a tropical climate; hence temperatures don’t fall below 17 degree Celsius even during the winter months. But the weather is pleasant enough to stroll on the streets in the afternoon sun.

Summer starts by the end of February and lasts until June. Temperatures soar up to 35-38 degree Celsius although it averages around 31 degree Celsius. If you are traveling on a budget and don’t mind the heat, this is the best time to visit Cochin. Not many tourists visit during the summer; hotels and tour operators are more than willing to offer you discount. Humidity is also a problem in summer, hence remember to stay hydrated and avoid long outdoor stays.

June to September is monsoon and not ideally considered a tourist season. But this is also the season for peak discounts. Some hotels slash as much as 50% of their normal rate. Such luck extends for houseboat rides as well. This is also the season when Onam takes place. This is a season to mark the harvest season and welcome Mahabali, the mythical and benevolent king of Kerala. Tourists not only get to take part in the festivities, but they also get to dig in to the special and elaborate Onam sadhya or the Onam lunch.