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A List of Famous Souvenirs from Kerala

A List of Famous Souvenirs from Kerala

Coir Products:

Made out of fibre extracted from coconut husk, coir is a popular product in Kerala. They are used to make rugs, door mats and handmade woven art pieces. In fact, coir based handcrafts are a popular souvenir among tourists enjoying a Kerala tour.

Coconut Based Handicrafts:

Coconut shell based products can be manipulated into beautiful works of art and such shell based crafts are available in almost all tourist spots. They come in all shapes and sizes.The hard shell of the coconut is smoothened after which they are cut andcarved to make household and artistic articles. Some examples include bowls, cups and ladles, table top decor(made of shell with engravings of metal and other materials to enhance the look of the handmade product.

Tit bit: Coconut shell being bio-degradable has a soft corner among people who are environment conscious

Kerala Mural Paintings:

Mural paintings are one of the most famous artifacts that tourists prefer. There is a history behind these mural paintings. They are essentially frescos that depict legends and beliefs of Kerala and Indian culture. They have a strong religious influence and most of these paintings tend to have deep depictions of gods and goddesses. But it’s the art that draws tourists towards murals. The murals are known to have originated from the walls of ancient temples and palaces in South India and are believed to date back to 9th century CE.

The Kasavu Sari:

Very much a part of Kerala’s attire, it plays a significant role in all cultural feasts and galas here. Created from fine white cotton and etched with a golden border, it symbolizes the purity and divinity of a woman. The Kasavu sari retains the colour of the yarn which is beige-white. It’s also a prominent wedding attire for a woman during weddings.

Experience the Sights and Sounds of Kerala and Its Mountain Range

Kerala and Its Mountain Range

Lush greenery, gentle breeze, and the smell of puttu in the mornings are just some of the common things that Kerala offers. For someone on a Kerala holiday tour for the first time, this blog gives a short insight on what to expect from the trip and a shot insight on the famous Western Ghats.

The natural beauty and greenery is what strikes the most whilst in Kerala. Almost every home here has tree cover allowing a cool and shady ambiance for the most part. The sunset over the backwaters in Kerala is a sight of dreams, which has been capitalised by a lot of local filmmakers. The backwaters of Kerala have been a favourite for many dreamy sequences in Indian movies.

The Western Ghats are a mountain range that run along the western coast of the Indian Peninsula. This area is also an example for a great escarpment and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO due to its flora and fauna. The Ghats are one the eight “hottest hotspots” of biological diversity in the world. Many national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and reserve forests here are designated as world a heritage site out of which a total of twenty sites are in Kerala alone.

Rather than choosing to travel independently, it makes sense to choose vacation packages, as they include an opportunity to visit all the popular sites like Munnar and Thekkady  and are sure to make a holiday in Kerala an enchanting experience.