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Geographical Significance of Kerala

Geographical Significance of Kerala

The state of Kerala is geographic haven catering conditions for greenery and wildlife to flourish. Nestled between the Indian ocean and the Western Ghats between the north latitudes 8°18′ and 12°48′ and east longitudes 74°52′ and 77°22′. With humid equatorial tropic climate the state enjoys abundant rainfall. The coastline of Kerala measures 590 km. The geography enabled ancient trade route for spices.


The eastern region of Kerala consists of ancient mountain ranges, valleys located immediately west of the Western Ghats’. Forty-one of Kerala’s west-flowing rivers and three of its east-flowing ones originate in the region surrounding here. The Western Ghats stand on average of 1,500 m above sea level, whereas the highest peaks reach to around 2,500 m.


The west coast of Kerala is comparatively flat and is interconnected by canals, estuaries and rivers which is famously known as the backwaters of Kerala. Around 8% of India’s waterways can be found in Kerala alone. Some of the longest rivers in Kerala include the Periyar( 244 km) Bharathapuzha(209 km) Pamba(176 km) Chaliyar(169 km) Kadalundipuzha(130 km) Chalakudipuzha(130 km) Valapattanam(129 km) and the Achankovil River measuring 128 km. Most of the rivers gather their water from the monsoons.

A Trip to Kerala:

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Must try Cuisine of Kerala

Must try cuisine of Kerala

When you plan a Kerala tour, you don’t want to miss out on the cuisine which is very much the part of the culture and heritage. Here are few famous dishes that are tickle your taste buds.

Puttu and Kadala Curry:

It’s easily the favourite of many, puttu is a cylindrical steamed rice cake seasoned with coconut shavings and cooked to perfection. An extremely popular breakfast delicacy in almost all parts of Kerala, its usually served with kadala curry (black chickpeas) but can also be had with bananas and coconut


It’s very much similar to a pancake; it has a soft and thick centre crust with thin outer rim. Its best had with chicken or meat stacked up in the middle, the visual itself triggers the appetites.

Ghee Roast Dosa with Sambar :

A dish native to South India, the dosa is irreplaceable as a staple dish. For anyone on a tour of South India, dosa can be found in different iterations based on the location. Kerala’s ghee roast dosa and sambar should be on the must eat list of a foodie. There’s a good chance you’ll come back to Kerala just to taste the dosa again.

Idiyappam and Egg Curry:

Idiyappam, made out of rice flour, salt and water is a noodle like dish which is consumed for breakfast/dinner in Kerala. Flour is moisturised and by means of a strand maker the idiyappam is created. Think of an appam in strands. The texture of the idiyappam is what makes it special. The curry ranges associated with idiyappam are many.

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